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PANCIT – a noodle dish popular in Asia. This delicious Filipino dish is made with 2 types of noodles. Vermicelli or referred to the Filipinos as “Sotanghon” can be mixed with another type of noodle called “Bihon”. Ingredients are widely available in many Asian markets. Making this dish is quick and easy as I demonstrated on my Youtube channel.

Filipino Beef Shanghai Lumpia You’ll be surprised how easy to make my version of lumpia. Click my Youtube channel link.

BRUSSEL SPROUTS – Many of us don’t even care to eat this. With a little experimentation, I unravel an awesome, super tasty side dish. You won’t regret you tried this.

JAPANESE BEEF TERIYAKI – I’m a Beef Teriyaki kind of person. So, here’s what I call the perfect homemade.

PORK ADOBO – There are many styles on how to make this popular Filipino dish. My version is one that I learned from my father tweaked to suit my American family. Click on the link to see cooking illustration.

CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS – “Grilled in Oven” and it is awesomely delicious.

FLAN – A custard pie made with simple ingredients. I supposed, there’s no such thing as healthy when comes to custard pie. I chose to make this with soy milk as a healthier option with minimal sweetness.

STUFFED BELLPEPPERS or/and CABBAGE – A family’s favorite that goes back decades ago. Drop the bellpeppers and just do with cabbage. Your young family will love it!

GREEN SALAD that can help you shed few pounds. Made with lettuce, tomato and cucumber mixed with steamed broccoli and snap peas. Add protein of your choice like, cold cuts of turkey, ham, bay shrimps, rotisserie chicken or seasoned and seared thin slices of beef.

Pork Rib Sinigang is a tangy soup seasoned with tamarind soup base that you can easily find in Asian market. Go to my Youtube channel link: mama nelly’s kitchen

Clone of Cinnabon – Just the name makes your mouth watery. So here, get your tools ready and click the link to my YOUTUBE channel

OVEN ROASTED TURKEY GNOCCHI – Turn your leftover Thanksgiving turkey to a delicious turkey gnocchi soup

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